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Some reference projects

Bijlmer Sportcentrum in Amsterdam
"Bijlmer Sportcentrum" in Amsterdam

Subtropical swimming pool de Blauwe Golf in Leeuwarden
Subtropical swimming pool "de Blauwe Golf" in Leeuwarden

Swim- en fun pool de Waterhoorn in Hoorn
Swim- en fun pool "de Waterhoorn" in Hoorn

Bijlmer Sportcentrum in Amsterdam
Project Rustenburg in Zaandam

Heineken Experience in Amsterdam
"Heineken Experience" in Amsterdam

Groot Lankum in Franeker
"Groot Lankum" in Franeker

ABS Projecten

Expert in designing, construction, building and construction processes

A design starts with a vision, a building begins with the approach of a tailored and accurate building process and required documents such as blueprints, engineering drawings and installation drawings with associated specifications.
On the one hand a vision arises from in the light of wanting to improve something, on the other hand is this view based on the desire to build something new. In both cases you are at the beginning of a challenging preparatory phase and complex construction process. ABS Projecten is at your service to ensure that these processes run smoothly, construction costs remain within the established budgets and schedules are met. These aspects are crucial to the successful completion of the project.
ABS Projecten is an independent engineering consulting firm that, in its eleven years of existence, has proven to be an expert in the design, construction, renovation and restoration of buildings. Our specialty is designing and building swimming pools and semi-mobile swimming pool roofing.
The key to success
We have a thorough knowledge of architectural styles, construction processes, materials, laws and regulations, construction costs and aftercare/maintenance. For every project we are able to select the most appropriate parties that offer quality for a competitive price. Excellent cooperation between all these parties is the key to success. In managing these parties and in controlling the processes, openness and mutual respect are very important aspects. These values are therefore inextricably linked to our way of working.
Our services
The services of ABS Projecten can be divided into six subareas:
1. Making sketches and design drawings, the elaboration of these drawings; architectural, structural as well as technical;
2. Conducting construction and project management, monitoring the planning and conduct of supervision and/or construction supervision;
3. Providing real estate consultancy and conducting technical inspections of buildings or installations;
4. The preparation of budgets and budgeting, and monitoring of construction costs by a construction costs manager;
5. The design, development and realization of (indoor) swimming pools and sports centers;
6. The design, development and realization of semi-mobile swimming pool roofing.
In the Netherlands, there are strict requirements for hygiene and safety of swimming pools. As a result of the motto ‘expect the unexpected’ the (possibly expensive) risks is reduced to a minimum. ABS Projecten is considered a professional and liable specialist in this area. 
In the construction or renovation of a pool, we must consider factors which are not relevant in other projects. For example vapor pressure, humidity and the effect of these features on the used building materials. In addition, specific knowledge is required in the field of electrical and mechanical systems and water treatment (to prevent bacterial development).
ABS Projecten has experience with municipal, recreational swimming pools, pools with height-adjustable (movable) floors, and also with subtropical swimming pools complete with waves, rapids, whirlpools, water slides and waterfalls. In these projects hygiene and safety were leading, but these requirements were not at the expense of the design and the visitors experience.
To make a long story short, ABS Projecten is a company with vision who understands the thoughts and desires of the client. From openness and respect we aim for the best possible cooperation with just one goal: to bring your needs within budget and timeline to a successful realization.